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😎 With a novel battle system and a pet-collecting mechanism through NFTs, Moniwar is an interesting experience for even traditional gamers. But not just that, the game also has many different game modes, constantly challenging the player’s skills. In this #Monipedia article, let’s learn about the game modes!   ⚔️ Adventure You and your pets […]


⚔ Pet is the most important NFT in Moniwar. They are creatures that inhabit the world of Moniwar, and are also servants on your path of vengeance. Pet is divided into 5 big elements, but you only need to own 1 Pet to experience all the features of Moniwar. So let’s find out about Pet’s […]


⚔ Moniwar is introduced as a match 3 game with a unique battling style. Instead of matching diamonds to get scores and pass stages, here you will need to use the runes to attack, defend, or proc skills on the opponent. In this article, let’s learn about Moniwar’s gameplay!    👉 Battle rules: All the […]


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As mentioned in the previous article, Moniwar is an NFT game with a unique PVP mechanism. Normally when participating in the NFT game market, new players are required to buy 1 NFT in order to access game features and start earning.  However, at Moniwar everything is much easier. Not only give NFT to new players, […]


👉 Are you a newcomer? 👉 Do you need to know more for your journey in Moniwar? 👉 Then this article is for you! In this #Monipedia series, we’ll discuss what Moniwar’s new players need to know. If this article makes you want to get started right away, visit Moniwar at 😎   What […]

Moniwar x CoinHub: Listing Announcement

🚀 Moniwar is expanding! Our Dapp and token MOWA is now available on Coinhub – a multi-chain decentralized wallet that has supported 40+ public chains and has cooperated with 2000+ DApps. Stay tuned to our official channels for the latest news! 😎   About Moniwar Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP […]

Moniwar x ChainPlay: Partnership Announcement

🎊 We’re excited to introduce ChainPlay as our newest partner!! ChainPlay is a one-stop hub for Blockchain Gaming and NFT Gamers. Their database assists users to learn about Game rankings, Funding rounds, Fundraising platforms, Guild performance, and P2E events. ✅ Partnership Highlights: Experience partner’s ecosystem Expand community & optimize users benefits Support each other in […]


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🤫 Do you know that Support Card is one of the most desired items due to its practicality? This item is often seen in top-notch matches because of its ability to quickly change the situation and unexpectedly perform a counter-attack. If you are aiming for high rankings in the Leaderboard, don’t forget to arm up […]

Moniwar x CCTIP: Partnership Announcement

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🥳 Moniwar is very excited to announce the partnership with CCTIP, an exclusive social wallet with unique integrated bots. Our token MOWA will also be listed on their wallet. Let’s look forward to our future collaboration events! 🚀   About Moniwar Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP mechanism for everyone. Our […]