Terms of service

Before using the product, please read, understand and agree to all of these terms of use (including age requirements), especially those that disclaim or limit your liability. MONIWAR, restrictions on your rights and other separate terms.
In case you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions in these terms of use, please do not use the game Moniwar and immediately close and completely remove the product from your device.
Your participation in and use of MONIWAR means that you agree to all of the terms and conditions of these terms of use, as well as other terms referred to by these terms of use, together with any other versions. amended and supplemented from time to time.

To use MONIWAR's services, You need to have a valid login account, initialized in accordance with MONIWAR's regulations and a cryptocurrency wallet to trade with MOWA cryptocurrency.

After successful account creation, you will be given an ID to log in. Then when you log in to the Game with this account, you will have to create a character (character selection, naming, guild …) to identify yourself in the Game. Account name, character name, guild name are specified as follows:
• There is no content that violates the law, being reactionary, or contrary to Vietnamese customs and traditions.
• There is no content that implies, sensitive associations, insults to others.
• There is no content related to organizations, authorities, beliefs, religions … of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

For each account, You will be given 01 password to log in and log in to all services using your MONIWAR account.
You are responsible for all activities and acts performed through your account during the use of the service. In case of any loss or damage arising from your account information and/or password disclosure, MONIWAR will not be liable to compensate you.

You fully understand and agree that, in order to avoid accidental loss or interference with your account (such as being hacked), you will not disclose (whether intentionally or unintentionally) information about your account. Your password is used to log into MONIWAR's system for any party/person, including your loved ones; and take reasonable steps to secure Your account. In any event, if you notice or suspect that your account has been logged into against your will or suspect that your password has been exposed, you may immediately change your password and/or notify MONIWAR and carry out the necessary procedures to temporarily lock your account to minimize damage to you in accordance with MONIWAR's customer complaint support process.

This entire game and related materials are the intellectual property of MONIWAR and its developer, therefore when MONIWAR grants you permission to use the game service, you understand that you may only download product installation package to your device, install and use without doing any action to change the product's characteristics.
All data generated during your use of the game is the sole property of MONIWAR; accordingly, MONIWAR has the full right to store, use and process this data.