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❌ This is not a normal partnership announcement ❌ This is a milestone for Moniwar’s multi-chain development! 🎉🎉 We are pleased to inform that Moniwar is coming to CSC (CoinEx Smart Chain). That means we will have our own token contract, blindbox and DApp on it. Do you find this exciting? Keep checking back for […]

Moniwar x CoinHub: Listing Announcement

🚀 Moniwar is expanding! Our Dapp and token MOWA is now available on Coinhub – a multi-chain decentralized wallet that has supported 40+ public chains and has cooperated with 2000+ DApps. Stay tuned to our official channels for the latest news! 😎   About Moniwar Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP […]

Moniwar x ChainPlay: Partnership Announcement

🎊 We’re excited to introduce ChainPlay as our newest partner!! ChainPlay is a one-stop hub for Blockchain Gaming and NFT Gamers. Their database assists users to learn about Game rankings, Funding rounds, Fundraising platforms, Guild performance, and P2E events. ✅ Partnership Highlights: Experience partner’s ecosystem Expand community & optimize users benefits Support each other in […]

Moniwar x CCTIP: Partnership Announcement

cctip wallet

🥳 Moniwar is very excited to announce the partnership with CCTIP, an exclusive social wallet with unique integrated bots. Our token MOWA will also be listed on their wallet. Let’s look forward to our future collaboration events! 🚀   About Moniwar Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP mechanism for everyone. Our […]


🎉 We are pleased to present our newest collaboration: Through this opportunity, Moniwar will also officially be available on their Game Hub – a platform specialized to providing useful information and features for those interested in blockchain games:         GAME HUB – A BRIDGE CONNECTING INTERESTING GAMES TO AN ENTHUSIASTIC PLAYER […]

Moniwar x RICE Wallet: Partnership & Airdrop Announcement

rice wallet airdrop

🎉 We are pleased to announce that RICE Wallet has officially become a partner of Moniwar. From now on Dapp Moniwar will be integrated on RICE Wallet and vice versa! This partnership will open up many community development opportunities for both sides, and also help players have even more options in transactions. Coordinating to build […]


free2earn multi-platform

✨ Indeed, from now on, every time you create a new Moniwar account and successfully verify via email, the system will automatically send you a Pet as a gift. No need to worry about initial expenses, free2earn helps you experience the game right away! This gifted Pet will have the same stats and abilities as […]


mexc listing

MEXC is one of Moniwar’s close partners. Together, we have launched many exciting community programs and events. However, the long-term development orientation of the Moniwar project requires more rigorous token management as well as partner selection, hence the current direction of MEXC is no longer suitable for us. Unfortunately, Moniwar regrets to announce that the […]

Moniwar x Oxalus: Partnership Announcement

oxalus listing

🎉 Moniwar is proud to announce the latest partnership with Oxalus – one of the leading NFT analytics platforms today. Moniwar’s NFTs and MOWA token will be listed on Oxalus system simultaneously!   About Moniwar Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP mechanism for everyone. Our project aims to create a new […]