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First Play partner

🤝 Moniwar is thrilled to announce our newest partner: FIRST PLAY – a blockchain platform where you discover new games & try game NFTs for free. This partnership intends to pool each organization’s resources and expertise to make gaming more accessible and entertaining, as well as to expand its user base through better services for gamers. […]


🤝 Moniwar is pleased to announce our newest strategic partner: ONUS This cooperation is aimed at developing products and suitable campaigns to expand the market and develop the community, as well as increase the benefits for the users of both sides. 🧨 Please look forward to our upcoming activities!   ⚡ About Moniwar Moniwar is […]


Gafin partnership

🚀 Moniwar is now in partnership with GAFIN, a technology platform that provides a complete ecosystem solution for Esports Gaming, Metaverse and NFT related products. 🤝 This partnership is expected to create long-term cohesion and enhance the development of both sides to form a great success in the future, and at the same time bring […]

Moniwar x CCTIP: Partnership Announcement

cctip wallet

🥳 Moniwar is very excited to announce the partnership with CCTIP, an exclusive social wallet with unique integrated bots. Our token MOWA will also be listed on their wallet. Let’s look forward to our future collaboration events! 🚀   About Moniwar Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP mechanism for everyone. Our […]

Moniwar x Polygon: Collaboration Announcement

🥳 We are proud to be in collaboration with the powerful & thriving Polygon Studios – the best-in-class solution for energy efficiency and scaling on the blockchain! This new collaboration will not only help us make ground-breaking achievements but will also contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of the project. ⚔️ Polygon Studios offer […]


Aiming at bringing comfortable experiences and increasing profits for Mowarrians – #Moniwar has established partnerships with the “big names” in the blockchain market. With this partnerships, we can fully expect big hits to happen soon in the future: 1️⃣ We will support each other to develop the communities of both sides to create a growing […]


Moniwar's big partners

“A cloud can only meet winds at the same height” 🤝 To go along with the giants, you must be valuable. With our enthusiasm and efforts for the Moniwar project, we have continuously proven that this is a promising destination for big investors and partners. Not only participating in many major competitions, winning high rankings, […]

HEROES TD – A Collectible Tower Defense Strategy Game

Partnership: Moniwar X Heroes TD

Recently, in the crypto market the term Play to Earn is very “hot”. Many new projects named Play to Earn have attracted the attention and participation of many people and have skyrocketed prices. It is a new trend that any cryptocurrency investor should learn to not miss the opportunity. HEROES TD is one of “Play […]

Moniwar’s Partner: Animverse – NFT game inspired by the Anime

Partnership Moniwar X Animverse

Players of Animverse directly participate in the battle and show their skills while exploring the movement system. Not only that, the special NFT system helps players create for themselves a variety of character sets in both shape and strength, increasing their ability to fight effectively. About Animverse Animverse is an NFTs Game inspired by the […]