⚔ Pet is the most important NFT in Moniwar. They are creatures that inhabit the world of Moniwar, and are also servants on your path of vengeance.

Pet is divided into 5 big elements, but you only need to own 1 Pet to experience all the features of Moniwar. So let's find out about Pet's elements in this #Monipedia article! 


👉 Battle stats:

Each pet has its own stat. Usually, pets with the same rarity (number of stars) and the same elements will have similar stats. You can check the meaning of each stat here.


👉 Pet elements:

Remember that the characteristics of the elements will become more conspicuous as you upgrade the Pet to higher levels.


Axion (Metal)

    • High HP and Atk power
    • Low MP, HP regeneration & skill dmg
    • Try to attack continuously while storing up rage bar
    • Stronger to Dendra & weaker to Pyros
Dendra (Wood)
    • High MP & HP absorption
    • Low HP
    • Trigram runes can absorb both MP & HP. Try to attack with them while storing up MP bar for skill.
    • Stronger to Cthon & weaker to Axion 
Hydros (Water)
    • High Hp & Healing power
    • Low Atk
    • Keep healing while draining your opponent's HP bar
    • Stronger to Pyros & weaker to Cthon
Pyros (Fire)
    • Highest Atk power
    • Low MP & skill dmg
    • Try to attack with full rage bar to finish the opponent
    • Stronger to Axion & weaker to Hydros 
Cthon (Earth)
    • Highest MP & skill dmg
    • Low HP & Atk
    • Store up MP to spam skill as many as possible
    • Stronger to Hydros & weaker to Dendra

Well that’s all for today. Which pet element suits you best? Go to the marketplace and choose 1 for yourself!


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