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As mentioned in the previous article, Moniwar is an NFT game with a unique PVP mechanism. Normally when participating in the NFT game market, new players are required to buy 1 NFT in order to access game features and start earning.Β 

However, at Moniwar everything is much easier. Not only give NFT to new players, but we also give you bonuses as you input the referral code from other players. Isn't that great! 😎


πŸ‘‰ How to earn a free Pet?

Get starter Pet (NFT) and experience the most attractive β€œPlay to Earn” mechanism by just a few minutes of registering for a Moniwar account. Specifically:
    • Step 1. Create an e-wallet, change it to the BNB Chain
    • Step 2. Add Mowa token to the wallet
    • Step 3. Go to Moniwar’s DApp, connect it with the wallet
    • Step 4. Sign up for a Moniwar’s account
    • Step 5. Verify email and receive reward at Dapp
Finally, go to the Bag at DApp to open the box and receive your first Pet (NFT)! Although the starter Pet can experience all the features ingame features, there are certain limitations:
    • Has lower stats than regular Pets
    • Can't use the Archievement in PVE

Because starter Pets have more "modest" stats, we advise players not to rush to upgrade. Instead, equip yourself with a powerful Pet at the Marketplace. The price starts from only 1.5$ for an NFT, isn't it crazy $.$


πŸ‘‰ Referral feature

This is an interesting feature that helps players earn extra bonuses by referring Moniwar to other players. Each player has a β€œRef code”. When new players enter someone else's Ref code into My Account on DApp and complete some simple tasks, both will be rewarded.

Playing game with your buddies and both get the bonuses, isn't it really fascinating?


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