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What is Moniwar?

Moniwar is a game project inspired by the famous diamond matching game. The game’s selling point lies in the unique PVP mechanism, which both guarantees game fairness draws players in with intensely competitive arenas.

Additionally, Moniwar is also a successful joint point between NFT and DeFi technology on blockchain. Moniwar's Pets and items are all NFTs, which not only helps to maintain the value of the items, but also opens up many opportunities for you to interact with various blockchain platforms. Currently 1 Pet is required to play the game, but in the future, owners of multiple Pets will have access to more advantageous features.

Moniwar’s plot

Moniwar's plot follows Lucas' journey as he avenges his father, King Abrazax, the ruler of the Lower Realm Makaia.β€Œ The tremendous battle between the two realms of Elysia and Makaia accidentally caused a "space-time" gap, allowing creatures of the Underworld to invade Soma.

The gods of the Upper Realms successfully defeated King Abrazax and the beast Azazel. Before disappearing, the pieces of Azazel's body turned into monsters of the 5 elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

β€ŒLucas, the son of King Abrazax, who had to bear the hatred for his father's death, assembled legendary monsters and waited for revenge. Together, they have traveled across the lands to prepare for the final battle with the Upper Realm Elysia.


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