βš” Moniwar is introduced as a match 3 game with a unique battling style. Instead of matching diamonds to get scores and pass stages, here you will need to use the runes to attack, defend, or proc skills on the opponent.

In this article, let's learn about Moniwar's gameplay!Β 


πŸ‘‰ Battle rules:

    • All the matches in Moniwar will be played through a rune board.
    • The player's task is to control the rune to attack, defend, and defeat the opponent.
    • The game is turn-based. If you don't take action after a short time (10 seconds), you will automatically lose your turn.
    • Each rune color will have a different feature. Players need to match at least a row of 3 runes of the same color (horizontal or vertical) to activate the feature.
    • In addition, players can also use pet skill (require at least 150 mana) or support cards (which need to be equipped before entering the battle).

πŸ‘‰ Types of Rune:


There are currently 6 types of runes that are being used in the Moniwar world:


The gameplay itself is simple, but can you defeat another player’s pet with the same level? Try to calculate as many rune matches as possible at once and surprise your opponent!


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