bitmetis partner

πŸš€ Moniwar is now in partnership with BITMETIS, the world’s leading cross-game infrastructure.

🀝 This partnership is expected to create long-term cohesion and enhance the development of both sides to form a great success in the future, and at the same time bring the best values to the community.


⚑ About Moniwar

Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with an interesting PvP mechanism for everyone. Our project aims to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi - which brings sustainable ways to make money for users. Also, we go with a common mission to promote the expansion of the BNB ecosystem and to take the lead in the mass adoption of blockchain applications in the gaming industry


⚑ About BitMetis

BitMetis is building a cross-game infrastructure to provide efficient, secure, and interoperable identity solutions for the blockchain game ecosystem.

BitMetis aims to build the bridge to the metaverse game world, and the most profitable platform for gamers, which brings game projects, players, and investors all closer together and empowers players' equal rights to participate in the gaming revolution.

By deploying Web3 Game DID Credentials, Multi-Dimensional AI Analysis, DAO Governance and Investment, BitMetis supports games to build better communities and empowers players' individual value to participate in Web3 game revolution. At BitMetis, players can learn information on how to play and earn. Game projects can obtain potential partner resources and capture more high-quality players.

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