coming to onus chain

πŸš€ Great news for all the Demon Kings: Moniwar is honored to be the first GameFi project to appear on the ONUS Chain!


⚑ About ONUS Chain

ONUS Chain is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain platform that built on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). ONUS Chain has a friendly interface that is accessible to all developers and users at a low cost.

In particular, with strong support from ONUS with a community of more than 2.5 million users and RICE Wallet with more than 1 million wallet addresses, ONUS Chain possesses a solid launch platform to popularize to mass users right from the start. They also received support from many development teams with the goal of converting and running their projects on the ONUS Chain mainnet.

Up to now, the ONUS Chain team completed and have the following official active Dapps:

1. ONUS Explorer

ONUS Explorer is a website that allows users to search and look up information and data on ONUS Chain such as transaction history, wallet balance, etc. All transactions performed on the Chain will be recorded and displayed publicly, cannot be deleted or edited.

2. Mia Swap

MiaSwap is ONUS Chain's official DEX and liquidity platform, allowing anyone to exchange tokens and get rewarded through providing liquidity. As a decentralized protocol & Web3.0, MiaSwap offers a full range of products such as:

    • Swap: Convert between token pairs
    • Liquidity: Provide liquidity to receive LP tokens
    • Farm: Top up LP tokens to receive transaction fee rewards
    • Pool: Stake MIA to receive rewards of different tokens
    • Users can find good liquidity pairs and highly profitable Farming/Staking opportunities through MiaSwap.

3. RICE Wallet

RICE Wallet is a decentralized wallet that allows users to store, manage digital assets and invest in DeFi in the simplest way. As part of the ONUS Chain ecosystem, RICE is designed for the ultimate convenience of ONUS Chain users:

    • Built-in gateway to connect to ONUS Chain network
    • Supports DApps and tokens running on ONUS Chain
In addition, users who transact through RICE Wallet are also entitled to a 30% refund of gas fees, applicable to the first 2 transactions of the day (maximum equivalent to $1/transaction).  

4. USDO Finance

USDO is a special token, created based on locking stablecoin ($BUSD) to receive $USDO at 1:1 rate. The collateral for the value of USDO is 100% $BUSD, users can exchange ​USDO to get back BUSD (Redeem) according to the ratio of the collateral and the amount of USDO in circulation, the redeem fee is 0.5%.

A special feature of USDO is that the collateral for USDO will gradually increase due to receiving profit sharing from Miaswap transaction fees and redeem fees. At that time, the amount of collateral ($BUSD) will gradually increase and be higher than the amount of USDO in circulation, meaning the USDO rate will also increase gradually based on Miaswap's revenue.

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