HEROES TD – A Collectible Tower Defense Strategy Game

Partnership: Moniwar X Heroes TD

Recently, in the crypto market the term Play to Earn is very "hot". Many new projects named Play to Earn have attracted the attention and participation of many people and have skyrocketed prices. It is a new trend that any cryptocurrency investor should learn to not miss the opportunity.

HEROES TD is one of "Play to earn" games based Blockchain technology. 

Overview about Heroes TD

What is Heroes TD

Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend theirs. This is a tower defense strategy game. You can collect and build your deck to win, through Heroes TD you can both enjoy the game and earn from it. Besides, players can join a community to play together, create unique NFT content and trade them with other players for real money.

HTD and CGC are the main tokens used for all activities in the game and Marketplace. Players can use HTD and CGC to further improve your deck, participate in high level games and become the best player.

What is unique selling point?


In Heroes TD, each player is given a starter deck of 5 Basic Heroes. Players can use this starter deck to participate in PvP Arena and earn CGC. To defend his base, the player will have to spend energy to summon a hero. Each time the player presses the summon button, an amount of energy will be spent, and a random hero from his deck will be summoned to his field.

Heroes TD-Gameplay

When summoned, each hero can carry up to three items and three runes. These Items and Runes will be unable to be removed or modified for the rest of their life. Each Item and Rune has a unique set of stat boosts and effects. Some items are rated higher than others.

In-game Heroes

The hero is the main character of the game. They are also the main fighting power of each player. Each Hero is born with a different set of attributes that determine their abilities. Depending on the combination, the Hero's stats will be different. There are over 60 characters in Heroes TD, each distinguished by classes and background.

Here are the core attributes of a Hero:

In-game Heroes

Items and RUNE

Each hero can bring up to 3 Items when they are summoned. Players cannot remove these Items and Runes remove or change during the Hero's lifetime. Each item and Rune has different stat improvements and effects. Some items have higher scores than others. 

Free to earn 

New players can start the game with 5 basic Heroes. With these Non-NFT Heroes, players can explore the world of Heroes TD, participate in initial PvP battles. 

Players can then choose to withdraw these CGCs to their wallet, then sell these CGCs at Marketplace or even trade with their friends using Blockchain technology. 

However, low ranked PvP battles can only earn a limited amount of CGC. To participate in high ranking matches, a strong deck is required. Players can obtain NFT Heroes to power up their decks by purchasing them on Marketplace.

Road map Heroes TD


Heroes TD’s Ecosystem

The ecosystem is quite basic but meets the requirements of current NFT games. The level of excellence will probably be updated more aggressively when the game is published.

Heroes TD Ecosystem



Core Team

CG Studio team consists of outsttanding and experienced members, who have been working in developing mobile games and Blockchain technology for a long time. The team was founded in 2013 as VGames, developed many games for cross platforms, i.e: Android, iOS, Winphone, Html5,…

Heroes TD Core Team

HTD Tokenomics

  • Name: Heroes TD Token
  • Ticker: HTD
  • Total Supply: 468,000,000
  • Token Type: Utility

Technology of Heroes TD

Fristly, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ERC20) technology 

Unity cross-platform game with the introduction of the project we see the game running on PC, IOS, Android platforms.

Technology of Heroes TD


Above is all information about the Heroestd.io project and the HTD and CGC token so that you can have more knowledge when learning about the project as well as the details of the token distribution, that's great about the future maybe Metaverse is a platform that the whole world is waiting for, in the immediate future need the complete ecosystem of this platform to have a A big step forward in the thriving NFT gaming industry.

We are pleased to announce that the Heroes TD has officially become an important strategic partner of #Moniwar. In this cooperation, #Moniwar promises to have more new successes, ready to conquer important milestones in the future.

Let's look forward to it!

Information about Heroes TD community