Have you ever wondered why you play so focused but your win rate is so low? After many observations and conclusions, Moniwar has discovered 3 common mistakes that make it difficult for all the Demon Kings to improve their rankings. That is...?

PART I: Focusing Too Much On Attack Runes

Regardless of the game mode (PVP, PVE, Adventure, Survival), there are always 6 types of Runes in a Moniwar match: Attack, Defense, Heal, Lifesteal, Mana, Rage. Each match's goal is to defeat the opponent first, which can only be accomplished in one of two ways: by matching Attack Runes or by using Pet's skills when you have enough mana.

Focusing too much on attacking the opponent makes most players only strive to match Attack Runes and are unconcerned about other types. No Rune is weak or ineffectual because it was made with the intention of working together. For example, when there are no Attack Runes that can be matched in your turn, you had better think of a different strategy. You can charge the Mana or Rage bar for later use, or absorb HP/Mana from the opponent to weaken them. You can also match the Shield Runes to increase their discomfort. When everything is ready, it's time for you to launch a counterattack and finish your opponent in a flash.

The combination of all 6 types of Runes not only increases your win rate, but also makes each match more enjoyable and allows you to apply greater tactical thinking. Although Attack Runes are the most common way to win, a skilled player will combine them all to make things more certain.

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