👼 AIRDROP MONIWAR: Children’s Day Puzzle Game – 4500 MOWA REWARD 👼

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The first day of June is approaching. Do you want to spend the holiday by lounging in bed or try something more interesting?

👼 Children's Day is not only the holiday for children, but also an occasion when we get rid of all the pressures of life and return to our beautiful childhood memories. Do you remember the last time you did a crossword puzzle? Where is the person you play with at that time? They'll undoubtedly be overjoyed to reconnect with you after all that time apart!

Then don't wait any longer, reconnect with your old friends, and join Moniwar in a crossword puzzle to return to your childhood!! 👦


Total rewards up to 4500 MOWA for: - 50 most lucky players that answered the questions correctly. (50 MOWA per person) - 10 referral winners that answered the questions correctly. (200 MOWA per person)


11PM May 24th, 2022 - 11PM June 2nd, 2022 (UTC+7)

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And here comes the most awaited part: the Children's Day puzzle


▪Question 1: What is the first blockchain Moniwar built on?

▪Question 2: You can receive a lot of valuable NFTs in Moniwar from this item. (Hint: we have just decreased the fee for opening it.)

▪Question 3: What is the Pyros element mean?


▪Question 4: What are both staking and mining called? 

▪Question 5: This thing helps you to define the major steps or milestones that Moniwar needed to reach.

▪Question 6: Which feature did you make your first battle in?

(Hint: this feature now has 5 different maps.)

▪Question 7: The newest feature that was released in early May 2022?

▪Question 8: What is the first Guild Game to cooperate with Moniwar?

▪Question 9: You will need this item to combine Pet Fragments. What is it?


▪Question 10: When matching these blue runes, you will get the following symbol. What is this rune called?


▪Question 11: What is the main currency in Moniwar?

▪Question 12: This is an item that helps you to increase the successful rate when upgrading.

Wish you have a meaningful holiday with this minigame. In case you have successfully reconnected with your old friends, you can always invite them to participate in the quiz for a chance to win the reward! 👶 Either ways, we wish you a delighted and lovely Children’s Day!!


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