pet upgrade

πŸ’ͺ The Pet represents the true power of the Demon Kings. The stronger the Pet, the more likely it is to win big perks in Moniwar. After getting yourself a Pet and exploring Moniwar's game modes, the next thing to do is Pet leveling!

Note that Starter Pets and Airdrop Pets have very "modest" stats, so choose for yourself powerful Pets in the Market to upgrade πŸ˜‰Β 



    • Pet gets stronger. All of its stats will be increased.
    • Your pet will evolve and change its appearance at certain levels.
    • Each Pet attribute hasΒ its own forte. This will become more and more obvious as you upgrade your Pet to higher levels.


    • All pets in Moniwar can be upgraded to lv9 at maximum.
    • The materials & fees used to upgrade pets are theΒ Upgrading Gems.
    • There are 9 levels (type) of Gems, each provide a fixed number of β€œLeveling Point”
    • To reach a higher level, you need to spend the number of Gems equal to the required β€œLeveling Points”.
    • You can level up a level 1 pet straight up to level 9 at once if you spend enough Gems. Minimize your transaction fee!
    • Pet leveling always has a 100% chance of success.
    • You can check the required Leveling Points for each level here.

🌳 Pet Leveling is both enjoyable and beneficial. There aren't many people currently possessing a Pet with ultimate form, will you become one of them?


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