πŸ”± Along with making strides in terms of DeFi, community and partners, Moniwar is also praised for consistently improving the game & launching many new ingame & DApp features, giving players a full experience. Several notable milestones:


⚜️ Launching PVE mode (April 13, 2022) Known as a very efficient "NFT farm". The more pets you own, the more farm you can farm. The monster here also has the ability to change the AI continuously, promising to bring "brain tension" matches and many attractive rewards.

⚜️ Launching Survival mode (May 23, 2022) Bring your strongest PET and fight the immortal Big Fiery. The more turns you survive, the higher you rank on the leaderboard. Note that this mode is only open on weekends.

⚜️ Available on all platforms (June 16, 2022) PC/Android/iOS - all the most popular platforms today can download and play Moniwar through a single QR code!

⚜️ Launching Spin feature (July 6, 2022) Lucky spin with many gifts appearing for the first time in the game and huge JackPot prizes up to tens of thousands of MOWA!

⚜️ Launching Purchasing Shop feature (July 7, 2022) Purchasing Shop is a feature that gives players more flexibility in purchasing & selling Upgrading Stones.

⚜️ Launching Auction feature (July 13, 2022) An interesting feature that allows players to use 3 popular tokens in the auction, automatic price increase after each bid and win-win mechanism: 101% refund to the losing bid.

⚜️ Launching Referral feature (August 15, 2022) Moniwar allows new users to enter referral codes from oldbies to receive rewards. The rewards will increase even more when new players complete some simple tasks in the game!

⚜️ Officially allowing Free2Earn (August 15, 2022) Every time you create a new Moniwar account and successfully authenticate your email, the system will automatically send you a Pet that can participate in all game modes in the game. It's great isn't it!


Moniwar development team is currently exerting great effort to bring an unexpected change to the game. Which feature excites you the most? What feature are you most looking forward to in Moniwar? Please share with us πŸ€—


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