πŸ”± 2022 has been a difficult & challenging year for industries in general and especially for a newly established organization like Moniwar in particular. There is a saying that β€œOpportunists are eager to make a result, and honorable men patiently create achievements". Despite facing many challenges, Moniwar will still develop to satisfy even the most demanding players.

With just the first steps of development, Moniwar has achieved many remarkable achievements:


⚜️ TOP games on BNB by Users last 24 hours

To get ahead of the NFT v2.0 trend with Binance's lead, it's understandable that the community started looking for outstanding NFT projects on BNB Chain. Moniwar is very honored to be in the top list of NFT games voted by players within 24 hours right after launch.

⚜️ TOP 7 Second Batch of MVB IV Incubation Program 2022 by BNB Chain

MVB Incubation Program is one of the biggest competitions of BNB Chain. Despite stopping at phase 2 of the program, Moniwar had the opportunity to receive many valuable experiences. In addition, the subsequent support of BNB Chain has also greatly helped the development of the project.

⚜️ 2ND prize on GAMEFI track in TRON GRAND HACKATHON 2022

TRON Grand Hackathon creates opportunities for unprecedented talent to make their mark and at the same time accelerate the development of the blockchain ecosystem. 2nd place has brought Moniwar a prize of 20K USD and a lot of valuable experience, proving the great potential of the project with the future multi-chain future.

⚜️ 3RD prize on Game-2-Blockchain Hackathon

Moniwar has passed 4 criteria that the program offers including: Game idea content, Graphic art, Revenue model, Play to earn mechanism. This can be considered as one of the most prestigious competitions for the community of developers and game programmers based on Blockchain technology in Vietnam.

⚜️ And many more hackathons in the journey to multi-chain

Avalanche Hackathon, Tron Hackathon, Moonriver Hackathon,... Moniwar feels great to be in such an active and growing blockchain community. Through these valuable relationships, we will strive to bring even more benefits to players.

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