Moniwar will carry out game maintenance at 7AM (UTC) today May 23 , 2022.

πŸ‘‰ Estimated time: 60 minutes
πŸ‘‰ Maintenance details:

1️⃣ Launch of Survival mode with attractive gameplay & rewards on May 28, 2022

2️⃣ Adjust PVP mode: Players will be automatically lose the match if they skip turns 5 times

3️⃣ Upgrade Practice mode: Allow to invite other players into the practice room.

4️⃣ Upgrade the user interface:

  • Change pet’s stats page
  • Change support card’s image
  • Add search filter by item category.
  • Change some other in game images and animations.

5️⃣ Adjusted the login system:

  • Allows players to register through social network accounts
  • New players can try the game right away through the "Try Now" button
  • If the player does not enter the email or username, the "Try Now" button will appear.

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