AIRDROP trustkeys

πŸ₯³Moniwar is pleased to introduce our newest strategic partner: #TrustKeys

This combination is based on mutual trust and commitment towards the same goal: enhancing the security and privacy of the digital environment in general and the Moniwar ecosystem in particular.

Trustkeys Network is a Blockchain ecosystem project including: Decentralized social network, Cryptocurrency exchange (crуptocurrencу) and digital asset wallet... created to help the community have a Blockchain application, most complete to meet the needs of investment, asset storage, and information exchange in a safe and reliable way.

1. trustkeys Products in the Trustkeys Network ecosystem:

1. Decentralized identity social networkΒ Blockchain

2. trustkeys  

This is the first application to launch a decentralized social network in the world. This is a space where participants REALLY OWN their account data and no one can tamper with and tamper with, because each account is uniquely identified, based on digital signature technology, the exchange of information with each other is encrypt end-to-end, so it's extremely secure. In addition, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies between individuals can be conducted directly and more easily than ever.

2. Secure Wallet

3. trustkeys

This is where the subject's cryptocurrency is store. With a private key designed with 24 characters that is extremely secure and managing TrustKeys e-wallet becomes very easy. TrustKeys Wallet supports multi-chain (ERC, BSC, TRC..) which can be used with most cryptocurrencies, today. Currently, their wallet allows users to stake many types of crypto assets, and in the near future the wallet will be integrated with NFT.

3. Trustkeys Exchange

4. trustkeys

As a Hybrid Exchange HEX, the exchange takes advantage of both DEX and CEX, which are very safe and secure. TrustKeys exchange allows users to trade P2P directly on the exchange, making it easy for users to buy, sell and exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies of countries.

In particular, TrustKeys bypasses the cumbersome registration procedures often encountered and uses a secure decentralized account model, which brings an experience of a leading centralized exchange using this model. Just register for their Super App and hold 24 secure characters, users can deposit, withdraw and trade immediately.

4. TrustKeys' NFT Exchange

Recently TrustKeys has launched an NFT exchange called TheOnly. The exchange allows users to upload their products as NFTs, add titles, descriptions, and customize metrics. In addition, you can also sell NFTs in many ways: sell at a fixed price, incrementally, or auction. Access and experience right at the address: https://theonly.biz/Β 

5. Features and products under development

  • Launchpad: The IDO platform helps projects launch their tokens.
  • Markets: Blockchain data aggregation platform on-chain, helping users update information from the market.
  • Terminal (Utilities): DeFi Toolkit and Utilities, bringing users to the world of DeFi easily.
  • Lend & Borrow: Borrowing and lending platform on TrustKeys Network.
  • Mega Farm: Farming Market on TrustKeys Exchange.
  • Derivatives: The derivatives market includes Margin Trading, Future Trading, Option Trading, etc.

Launching a decentralized exchange (Dex) in parallel with the TrustKeys ecosystem

6. TrustKeys Network ecosystem goals and vision

  • Provide Blockchain Super Application, Blockchain Social Network, Secure Wallet, Crypto Asset Exchange to meet daily use needs.
  • Digitize excess resources of assets to provide a potential investment environment for society.
  • Developing a global ecosystem of financial connection and asset digitization based on blockchain and a combination of traditional & future business models
  • TrustKeys will become a private Blockchain called TKBlockchain. It will develop One-Stop modules to help startups easily integrate and apply Blockchain into their business.

πŸ’« Follow their community pages for more details:

🌐Website: https://trustkeys.network/

🌐 Telegram Global: https://t.me/trustkeysuperapp 

🌐 Telegram VietNam: https://t.me/trustkeysvn

🌐 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrustKeysGlobal

🌐 Facebook: https:/facebook.com/trustkeys.network/