[partnership] moniwar x tago

We are pleased to announce that the TAGO project has officially become an important strategic partner of Moniwar.

Tago Inspiration

Tago is the world's first platform that enables Blockchain technology in Mental Health care; also so far the world's first and largest Mental Metaverse.

It is a place where people with spiritual care needs can easily connect with counselors anytime, anywhere. Tago's goal is to build a super application of Blockchain technology to create transparency for users. Thereby building together the world's best mental health community.


Tago aims to build a super app, applying Blockchain technology to officially build a web 3.0. What values will the application of Blockchain technology bring to this platform?

Tago ValueTokenomics

The role of money is not deniable in building a real digital economy. Therefore, Tago decides to introduce its token, which like a utility token and can be used to pay for some products, services on the platform

Tago's Token is also a reward for creators, content contributors, professionals who contribute to building its ecosystem.

Moreover, they deduct a part of it to raise funds and donate to charity.

Tago Tokenomics

❗ With this cooperation, we will together conquer the blockchain era, as well as support each other in developing direction and taking care of the community.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about them: https://docs.tago.guru

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