19. ama tago recap

๐ŸŽŠThe AMA between Moniwar and Tago went down without a hitch, and we're thrilled to be able to tell you everything about it.

๐ŸŽŠAbout Tago - A platform where people who are suffering from mental health problems can easily connect with professionals who can advise them anytime, anywhere.

๐ŸŽŠDuring this AMA, Mr. Steven Ta addressed the audience directly and provided detailed information on #Tago, as well as several important things and future goals.

Basic information:

Time: May 27th, 2022 at 1 PM UTC

Project name: Moniwar|Tago

Host: Mr. Bruce Hoang| COO of Moniwar

ย Mr. Leo Tran| Moniwar Marketing dept

Guest speakers: Mr.Steven Ta| CEO of Tago

Table of contents:

Part 1: Tago project introduction

1. Can you tell us why your team started this project?

Witnessing a family member commit suicide due to depression, Tago realized the significant influence of mental health in life. Since then, the project has built a mental health platform that connects people who have mental health issues with psychologists and experts through the power of the internet.ย 

Realizing that Vietnam is a potential market and the reception is among the top globally, the firm aims to build TagoVerse - a super application, a web 3.0 world to meet all mental health needs by applying Blockchain technology.ย 

In addition, thanks to Blockchain technology, Tago was able to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization called DAO. This idea of DAO is what your team has wished to fulfill for many years. But previously, the construction of such an organization was only in theory and still not supported by technology with full power. Now the application of Blockchain can help facilitate Tago in empowering its community.

2. What is Tago's vision? Why did your app decide to apply Blockchain?

Building the world's first and largest mental metaverse" is our vision, which the world's leading companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc., will not focus on. That's why mental health has become a niche market. Despite a niche market, it has great potential to develop in the future. If we look at it from a market perspective, there is a huge influx of money into this market.

Blockchain technology is a big market and will be realizing Tago's goal, by offering coin, NFT, credit line... providing and sharing benefits to the community through sharing blockchain back to the community.

In addition, Blockchain technology can create greater transparency in Tago's Community. The next great thing that Blockchain technology can help Tago solve is the automation in Gamification. And last but not least, thanks to Blockchain, Tago was able to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization also called DAO.

3. Can you introduce more about the Tago development team?

1. Founder Team

  • Me - Ta Minh Tuan, an Influential Social Entrepreneur in Vietnam and internationally, has been honored by Forbes 30 under 30 for 2 consecutive years. An expert in the field of Education, life coaching, and health care... with the mission "Make Vietnam a great place to live." Tago is one of my steps on this journey.
  • Ho Van Tam, CEO of a tech company providing mobile application solutions top 1 in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience in software development for clients in the US, Australia, Singapore, Europe and Vietnam.
  • Tran Kim Anh has more than 8 years of experience in organization and operation. Studying in the UK and understanding international culture, developing global customers.
  • Nguyen Hoang Oanh has more than 5 years of business experience in the field of E-Commerce.ย  She has NLP certification and more than 3 years of experience in the field ofย  coaching and mentoring.

2. Business Team: including 5 members and still expanding, with experience in Growth Hacking Marketing, domestic and international market development.

3. Operation Team: Head of Department, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, support team, Customer Care... with more than 10 members.

4. Tech Team: Tech Team with 5-10 years of experience in the field of mobile app development, AI, Blockchain includes 7 members. And many other experts & advisors. (Specialist Committee, Advisory Board, Strategy Board...)

4. What are the products Tago developing? Can you describe the role and function of each product?

Tago's products include AI Tago Soul, AI Social Matching, Spiritual Social Network, NFTed Products & Marketplace, VR & AR, NFTed Real Estate. The central core of all products is Blockchain technology and its own application - Cryptocurrency. All of these are to be in place to eventually build a Tagoverse - the largest mental health metaverse in the world.

1:1 Platform: Tago's pioneering product has made a difference in attracting many users and reputable experts in the market, which is the 1:1 Platform product, a 1:1 consulting platform via video call.

Online Courses: Thereafter, with a team of available experts of the highest quality, Tago will offer these experts produce courses in Mental health and then sell these courses on Tago's Marketplace. You can imagine this as a Udemy but it's a Udemy in the field of Mental health.

About AI

AI TagoSoul: The "entrance ticket" to this Tagoverse is Tagosoul - AI virtual assistant for yourself. It's like your own spirit within Tagoverse. A good example would be the mechanism within a game; you have to buy a certain character of the game then upgrade and sell it back to others. So it works the same within Tagoverse. You buy an AI Tagosoul - the world's first-ever Virtual Assistant in mental care.

AI Social Matching: Tago now has a very large database of users, and the mental health issues obtained in the process of using 1:1 consultation with an advisor or with a mental AI assistant. At the same time, Tago has a record of the user's spirituality, astrological indicators, numerological indicators, anthropology, etc,... from there, Tago's AI technology can recommend social matching for users so that they can make friends and support each other on the path of internal strength development. This is a feature that, according to the survey, has plenty of users showing interest and looking forward to using it.


Spiritual Social Network: And so when users are connected to each other and become friends, it is one of Tago's wishes to build an entire community of mental health and spiritual health for those users who love to share this topic. This is the next feature that Tago plans to develop and bring to the global scope"

NFT Products & Market Place: So now that we have a community with a large number of users, why not create more transactions between users who trade back and forth with each other to strengthen the flow of goods and services

VR & AR: What is Tago's next evolutionary step? It is the capability to eliminate any borderย between real and virtual world through the application of VR & AR techniques

NFTed Real Estate: So now Tago provides almost everything. There are experts, teachers, users, virtual spiritual assistants. Features for making friends, social dating. A whole community of spirituality. Items to trade back and forth, to auction. And there is a whole marketplace. With such a large community of users with useful values, the real estate on Tago is going to be worth the while.

5. We've heard about Tago app has a feature Talk to Earn, so Can you tell me more about Talk to earn? and "talk to earn" is different from "move to earn" ?

Yes. Inspired by the "Play to Earn" and "Move to Earn" trends, Tago plans to launch the "Talk to Earn" feature. As its name suggests, the feature allows users to earn rewards by talking withย  the Al TagoSoul virtual assistant.

So why talk? At Tagoverse where the mental health of users is taken care of, users are encouraged to speak out about their problems. So why not earn from that sharing?

We can easily find that there are many who struggle to find the right consultants and have quality counseling sessions. It is also not easy to determine the price with the appropriate quality in this industry.

6. What is Tagoverse's strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term?

PRACTICAL VALUE:ย  We build a platform to help connect anyone at home and abroad with psychological and emotional problems to the most suitable experts, without limitation of time and place. For them to receive immediate support and advice; help overcome difficulties, deadlocks, psychological and spiritual problems such as relationships, marriage, family, health, finance, work,...

IMPRESSIVE GROWTH, AND WORLDWIDE EXPANSION WITH THE HELP OF NEW ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Tago applies mobile application technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain to help replicate the consulting model worldwide. And the reality has proven that Tago has customersย  in five continents and has payment through international payment methods.

TRANSPARENCY: Tago has applied Blockchain technology to its entire product and business model. That makes Tago a pioneering Blockchain platform not only in Vietnam but around the world in the fieldย  of mental health care. Transactions on the Tago platform have been created with transparency, creating trust for customers, partners and investors.

PROFITABILITY: The most important benefit of an investor is profitability. With the unique values of Tago today, Tago can bring sustainable profitability to investors.

Part 2: Community Q&A Part with Tago

1. Do you think it will be the next trend after move-to-earn? And if it will, can you control the inflation rate of the token?

Yeah, Tago can begin a new era of "TalkFi". We have a Talk To Earn Formula & Economics System so that we can control inflation.

2. Emotional and spiritual problems affect people all around the world, but I saw that Tago is primarily for Vietnamese people, so why did you choose to deal with them locally? Do you have any intentions to grow into other areas?ย 

Thanks for this question. We started in Vietnam first because it's my home country. But now, Tago already has users across 143 countries around the world. We go global! I hope I can have more time in another AMA or event to share more experience with you.

3. How can I buy TAGO tokens right now? And which wallet supports TAGO token?ย 

Bep-20 Wallet is Okay. IDO is coming this June! We will do Launchpad first. Launchpads will be announced soon. Please join in our global group telegram to follow more information: https://t.me/tagoofficial_global.

4. Staking, NFT is very hot, do you think you will apply NFT technology to tago products in the future?

Sure, we have Interactive NFT Technology which is our TagoSoul.

Just like buying a NFT Sneaker to Move 2 Earn. Now users can buy NFT AI TagoSoul to Talk 2 Earn. Because TagoSoul is the world's first NFT AI Mental Assistant. You can even talk to this "NFT". Interesting, rite?ย  And not only talking but also mining more Tokens from this NFT AI which is a breakthrough technology product that we serve the world.

5. What is your strongest advantage that you think will make TAGO team leading the market?

  1. Our strong Team. Right people are very important.
  2. We are leading the world in this field now => Top of mind Branding. Just like you can remember the first one who went to the moon (Amstrong), but you can not remember the second one's name.
  3. Breakthrough technology.
  4. Business Operation Know-hows
  5. Competitors can easily copy a NFT Sneaker, or Move to Earn Project. But it's super hard with Talk To Earn, they can not copy our AI.


Once again, Moniwar truly appreciates your time joining our AMA today @Mr Steven Ta. Thanks for your joining AMA today.

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