MONIWAR is pleased to announce that $MOWA can be bought and sold on SIMPLEHOLD for more convenience for users.

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Know more about SimpleHold:


👉 About SimpleHold

SimpleHold is a light wallet created by the SimpleSwap team with the main focus on safety and usability. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies. The wallet is free to sign-up and there is no need to provide us with private data. Our customers have complete control over their savings. Furthermore, you can always move to SimpleHold from any other wallet by importing private keys.

SimpleHold’s Features

  • Increase: Increase the accessibility of your coin. The built-in instant exchange allows users to get crypto in several simple steps.
  • List: Get your coin or token listed on a real crypto wallet
  • Protect: Protect your customers from phishing and malicious sites
  • Customize: Get a customized landing page about your coin with a built-in feature to create a wallet.
  • Integrate: Integrate our widgets to give your customers an easy way to send and receive crypto
  • Trusted: All our partners have been verified, so your users will never see SimpleHold widgets on suspicious or malicious services.

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