β€œShoot the breeze”

(idiom) To engage in casual or rambling conversation. In other words, to chat.

βœ… Be the most active member in the chat group, and the prizes worth up to tens of thousands of MOWA will be yours! An exceptionally simple event for all Telegram group subscribers.


🍻 Prize:

The 10 most active members in the group chat will get a total prizes up to 14000 MOWA, specifically:

    • Top 1: 4000 MOWA
    • Top 2: 2500 MOWA
    • Top 3: 2000 MOWA
    • Top 4-7: 1000 MOWA + 1 Binancian NFT
    • Top 8-10: 500 MOWA + 1 Binancian NFT

🍻 Time:

The event will be divided into 2 phases. The most enthusiastic members can win both prizes!

    • Phase 1: now ~ 15/11
    • Phase 2: 16/11 ~ 30/11

🍻 Venue:

At our Telegram: Moniwar Central 🌎 Global Community


🍻 Rules:

    • The 10 users who discuss the most on Moniwar's Telegram Global Community during the event will receive prizes.
    • There is no limit to discussion content, but content that is spam or violates the general rules of Moniwar will receive a warning from the mods.
    • Anyone who received 3 spam warnings will be immediately banned from this phase of the event. Repeat offenders will be banned from the group.
    • Our admins, mods and staffs will not be able to participate.
    • All the members' interaction points will be measured by the bot. In all situations that arise, Moniwar's decision will be final.

βœ… That’s all you need to know. The event β€œLet's shoot the breeze!” has officially started. Join the group chat and aim for your rewards now!


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