20. pvp part 3

Part III: Forget about the powerful skills of the Pets:

This is one of the two Moniwar methods for taking down an opponent mentioned above, in which the Pets' skills are used to deal damage to the opponent on PVP mode. This is a significant amount of damage (Moniwar reveals that the damage from the skill is larger than the damage of a normal attack).

However, the required mana to use the skill is always 150 mana, and accumulating enough 150 mana is difficult when your opponent can completely steal it from you.

Specific skills of the Pets on PVP

Each Pet has its own special ability, which is a very powerful weapon that we often overlook. Because accumulating mana is difficult, maintaining it is even more difficult, we sometimes fail to notice that we are having a "free" attack with Pet's abilities.A small surprise is that for Pets with more than 300 mana points, you can certainly surprise your opponent with continuous attacks if you accumulate enough. Furthermore, among all Pets, Earth-type Pets will deal the most skill damage and have the best mana accumulation ability.

These are the three most common mistakes PVP players make; if you have never made any of them, you are almost certain to have exceptional skills and a high rank, right? The win rate effects of these small match mistakes are only 30%, your skills are 30%, and everything else is luck because only God knows what the next Rune to drop will be.

Finally, this is final part of the series, hope you guys can enjoy the game and gain more experience to become better player! 🔥


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