GameFi is a promising land that is well worth for investors and gamers to explore. However, the majority of GameFi participants today are from investors looking for quick profits with price-surfing mechanics that rarely care about the core value of the game. The GameFi market still remains a challenge for project developers to join in.
πŸ‘‰ Moniwar's team is aware of this, and has since aimed to build a game that can intersect, meeting the demands of both investors and gamers.
1️⃣ For gamers, they care more about the game quality, along with an engaging community that helps the game develop step by step, which is called "Play".
2️⃣ For investors, they care more about the value and profit they can get, which is called "Earn".
Both of these user objects stand side by side to build the "Play-to-Earn" mechanism.
  😈 To meet the needs of both objects, the game project must be built by always focusing on improving the core, listening to the community's opinions, and building a transparent ecosystem. This is what #Moniwar team has been aiming for. Over a period of time, we confidently affirmed the development potential of the project in today's fierce GameFi market. Follow now to stay up to date with our latest developments!
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