Moniwar is created based on blockchain technology and operates under the motto “Play for fun, Play to earn.” Joining Moniwar world, the Demon Kings can equip themselves with mighty Pets, assemble into an army to fight with other players and collect attractive rewards. Play-to-earn features in the game include:
🔸 Adventure: This is a game structure with many maps and each map has 10 bosses. Successfully passing a map, players can earn support cards, Pet level upgrade stone and Pet skill upgrade stone
🔸 PvP: 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 competition takes place in 6 days. At the end of each tournament, the organizers will calculate points and give prizes to players including valuable NFTs: High rarity souls used to create Pets when combined with Pet pieces, Pets pieces, support cards, Pet level upgrade stones, Pet skill upgrade stones, lucky charms to upgrade...
🔸 Special events: Getting $MOWA Token
In addition, Moniwar is still updating new features such as PVE, Pet Hunting, Great War of the Three Realms, World Boss, Dungeon,... Each feature can give players a lot of $MOWA and NFT and will be released soon in the future. Let's wait for Moniwar new features together!
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Official Contract: 0x411ec510c85c9e56271bf4e10364ffa909e685d9