Partnership Announcement: Moniwar X PVU

πŸ”₯ Built on Binance Smart Chain, Plant vs Undead is a tower defense strategy game, the first of its kind in the NFT-gaming sector. The game involves the strategic placement of plants on the battlefield to combat waves after waves of Undead. According to their roadmap, the game will be available in 3 distinct modes: farming, PvE, and PvP, all of which provide different gameplay mechanics to players.
πŸ”₯To start playing the game, players need to own the seeds and plants, which are all NFT. Or, better yet, low-spenders can start playing the game using the provided in-game plants (which are not NFTs) and work their way up to possessing their first NFT plant. PVU was designed to be friendly with all types of players regardless of their initial investments.

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