Partnership Announcement: Moniwar x CMoon Group

After an in-depth discussion between both parties, we proudly announce that CMoon Group is an official partner of MoniWar. As a strategic partner, CMoon will provide full support for the Moniwar project and commit to a successful launch. With marketing experiences provided by the CMoon team, we expect to spread the influence of Moniwar to many NFT communities around the world and raise awareness about Moniwar through social media, interviews, AMA, etc…

About CMoon Group

CMoon consists of experts who have years of insights and experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing. Understanding that community is of vital importance to the development of a decentralized project and the liquidity of its native token, CMoon offers well-rounded promotional services to raise awareness for many blockchain projects and boost user count by leveraging the power of our community.

Also, CMoon has experiences in hosting many AMA and similar events to introduce many potential projects in crypto field to the community. With its recent cooperation with Wildcat Venture, CMoon Group is expected to become even more professional and widespread.

Moniwar IDO

Moniwar is now opening for registering public whitelist registration and preparing for the IDO stage in October on LaunchZone, BSC Station and JLaunchPad.

Besides, there will be AMAs with many big communities in the crypto space for marketing our project, such as BSC Army, HUB, PVU, Decom Holding,…. Many events are also prepared for the NFT community, like giveaways, airdrops, minigames, and bounty programs. So stay stunned and look for more detailed information on various Moniwar’s social media listed below: