MVB IV Binance: What are the opportunities

Moniwar - Binance
Most Valuable Builder IV (MVB IV) campaign organized by Binance Smart Chain is the campaign that any BSC project is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in. What is Binance Most Valuable Builder campaign? What are the opportunities when a BSC project joins it? Let's find out in this article.

Introduction to MVB Incubation Program

MVB Incubation Program is organized by Binance to bolster the cryptopreneurial community and provide more support to builders innovating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The program aims to accelerate new and emerging startups by focusing on mitigating the challenges when building new products and helping them steer away from failure.  With the success of 3 completed seasons of the MVB program with over 900 participating projects and dozens of MVB-related hackathons and events, this next season will see a major upgrade, called MVB IV: MetaFi - Smarter DeFi for the Web3 Universe. In this edition, all winning projects (both Monthly Stars and final Top Players) will receive investment offer from the BSC FUND. 

What are the opportunities when joining MVB IV Incubation Program?

$300 million is dedicated to the MVB Program, to support projects in early stage and bootstrap their growth. This time around, in MVB IV, Binance will offer unprecedented incentives & benefits to the best performing projects! MONIWAR is honored to officially be in the top 7 most interesting projects in the Most Valuable Builder IV (MVB IV) INCUBATION PROGRAMcampaign organized by BNB Chain. 

Why Moniwar?

  • Clear development roadmap, constantly updated features, weekly events!
  • The game has an official version, players can start EARNING!
  • Continuously Pet and token burn mechanism to fight inflation.
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