[AMA] MoniwarxTago

Moniwar is very pleased to host an AMA with Tago tomorrow May 27th. Join us for a chance to win 50 USDT and 5 NFT Pets!

⏰Time: 1PM UTC | May 27th 2022
πŸ‘‰ Channel: Monihub Central Global Community
πŸŽ™ Guest: Steven Ta (Tago Co-Founder)
πŸŽ™ Host: Mr. Bruce Hoang (Moniwar COO)
πŸ’° Rewards: $50 + 5 NFT for 5 Community questionsΒ 
About Tago
Tago is the world's first platform that enables Blockchain technology in Mental Health care; also so far the world's first and largest Mental Metaverse.
It is a place where people who are suffering from mental health problems can easily connect with professionals who can advise them anytime, anywhere.
▢️ For new players, pls check our White Paper: https://bit.ly/31RR7mj
▢️ Buy Pet here to start your journey: https://dapp.moniwar.io/nft/market
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