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Moniwar is proud to be the sponsor of the Manga Comic Con - an event organized by the Digital Transformation Alliance DTS, G.A.M Expo, FMStudio along with more than 30 major organizations in the community. Manga Comic Con will take place from 9 AM to 8 PM on July 24th, 2022 at Rach Mieu gymnasium (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City) and is completely free of charge.


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Event overview:

Moniwar is a sponsor of Manga Comic Con. The event is fully converged with pop-culture and interests such as manga, comic, cosplay, movies,... with many exciting activities such as the "Cosplay Super Hero Champion 2" contest, rock performance, cinema, meeting with famous artists, and others.

The purpose of the event is to create a playground for young people who love popular culture. When participating in the event, you will get to experience many new products from the domestic and international co-host organizations such as games, comics, figures, movies,...

Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of the DTS Digital Transformation Alliance, a representative of the organizing committee, said that currently the playground for young people who are passionate about manga, comics, figures, cosplay or board games is very rare, mainly still in playgrounds spontaneous play, small coffee shop. "To create this playground, we have thought and prepared for 4 months to bring a quality and monumental event. Exhibitors at the show will bring unique products. Young people will freely dress up as their favorite characters to immerse themselves in the festival" - Mr. Bao said.

Manga Comic Con is expected to make a great impact on the manga & comic-loving community in particular and on society in general. Surely this is where the community creates a strong bond and helps the popular culture of Vietnam develop even stronger. The organizers said they will maintain annual activities to help Vietnam compare with other Southeast Asian countries.

Event space:

Manga Comic Con will be divided into two areas, the air-conditioned area and the outdoor area. Moniwar will be located in area B (near the stage). Participants can take pictures with cosplayers and artists in the exhibition space with many interesting models and miniatures. In addition, in the central stage area will be music shows, movie premieres, minigames, cosplay shows and the contest "Cosplay Super Hero the Champion season 2".

Beside the excitement of having fun, the audience will also receive attractive gifts from brands with a total reward value of up to 1 billion VND from sponsors such as Biti's Hunter, MVOT, Toyspheres, Storm Toys Station, Tiny World, Fm shop, Monkey Hobby, Kim Dong, Krai...

As a sponsor for the event, Moniwar hopes Manga Comic Con will be a huge success for all who participate. Follow us to receive the latest information about this event as soon as possible!

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