Moniwar Incubator Announcement

After a fruitful discussion, Moniwar and LaunchZone decided to come to an agreement that LaunchZone is officially an exclusive incubator for Moniwar in the near future. As an incubator, LaunchZone will provide full support for Moniwar, ranging from marketing strategy to launching products into new markets, as well as other activities related to IDO, listing on exchanges, etc.

Hopefully, Moniwar will make steady progress with this strategic master plan to conquer gamers and investors in Vietnam and throughout the world.

About LaunchZone
LaunchZone Ecosystem is a complete DeFi Ecosystem that focuses on providing consumers with the greatest DeFi experience. The acquisition of BSC Army, ezDeFi and The Sowing Network in June 2021 resulted in significantly larger scale and utility tokens enhanced by substantial synergies.

All of the social media marketing and management tools developed by The Sowing Network and BSC Army to support the former LaunchZone’s success are now properly owned by LaunchZone Ecosystem.

LaunchZone’s products are constantly upgraded to better serve the community and compete more effectively in the DeFi space. We provide the best solutions and features to the Unbanked and take the lead of this revolution.

LaunchZone’s spectrum of products:

1. LZ Ventures: Incubating and funding long-term crypto projects.
2. LZ Innovation:Encouraging financial literacy and promoting ambitious crypto startups.
3. LZ Community & Media: The first social media agency to offer live AMAs for crypto projects.
4. LZ Savings: Securing high-interest earnings with minimum risk.
5. LZ Pools & Vaults: The unique DApp provides Staking as a Service, yield farming optimization and auto-compounding.
6. LZ Exchange: LZ Swap & LZ Dex: The ultimate solution for DeFi’s low liquidity and high price slippage, integrated with real-time charts and the Limit Order Function.
7. LZ Pad: One of the most accredited launchpad platforms on BSC with the average ROI of over 10x.
8. LZ Wallet: Supporting easy asset management with multi-address features, customization, transaction fee optimization and effective protection with the Cloud Key backup feature.
9. LZ Farm: A blockchain gaming solution that allows users playing to earn.

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