multi-platform campaign

With many breakthrough changes that directly benefit players in recent times, Moniwar has gradually asserted its difference with other GameFi on the market.

To celebrate and mark Moniwar's presence on all popular PC, phone & tablet platforms, we are pleased to introduce the "Multi-platform of Madness" campaign featuring a series of new events and features that are expected to be interesting and explosive!


πŸ”± Airdrop is back. The prize this time is NFTs with a total value of $25,000! This is a fantastic chance to help you get more Pets to prepare for attractive features in the future. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

πŸ”± Reward:

    • 9800 NFTs for players who complete the tasks
    • 200 NFTs for top referral

*Note: Moniwar's airdrop Pet can be used in all game features such as: Adventure, PVP, PVE, Survival,... We will continue to monitor and adjust their strength as necessary to fit the situation.


πŸ”± Soon, Moniwar will give away a free Pet for all email verified new accounts!

This will help remove barriers for newbies, increase the number of new players and promote competition in the game. Isn't it great?!

πŸ”± To ensure fairness for veteran users, this Pet will have "more humble" stats than regular Pets. However, you can still use it to experience all the game features such as Adventure, PVP, PVE, Survival,...

We will reveal more details about this feature soon!


πŸ”± This is an interesting feature that helps players earn extra income by referring Moniwar to other players through REF Code. Furthermore, both the inviter and the invitee will receive rewards for completing certain simple tasks!

Invite2earn? I find it to be incredibly appealing! Stay tuned for the detailed announcement about this feature~


πŸ₯³ There are still many surprises to be revealed in this explosive August!

Soon, the land of Moniwar will become extremely vibrant as we have arrived in multi-platform. Follow our announcement channels so you don't miss a series of hot news about this campaign!

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