support card

🤔 Do you know that Support Card is one of the most desired items due to its practicality? With the ability to quickly change the situation and unexpectedly perform a counter-attack, these are really essential items in every battles.

In this #Monipedia article, let us learn about these powerful cards! 


🧧 How to get?

Currently, there are 2 sets of support cards:
    • Warrior Set: the basic set, which can be earned through many ingame features like Adventure, PVE,...
    • Terminator Set: the advanced version, which can only be obtained through the Spin feature or special events.

🧧 Effects

The Support Cards have great influence on the game through special effects such as:

    • Regenerate HP, MP, or fill up Rage bar without runes.
    • Use onboard-runes to make an attack or create a shield.
    • Reset the rune board, reset time.
    • Do note that there are cards that cost 1 turn, and cards that do not. For further details.

If you are aiming for high rankings in the Leaderboard, don't forget to arm up yourself with a powerful set of support cards!


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