MEXC is one of Moniwar's close partners. Together, we have launched many exciting community programs and events. However, the long-term development orientation of the Moniwar project requires more rigorous token management as well as partner selection, hence the current direction of MEXC is no longer suitable for us.

Unfortunately, Moniwar regrets to announce that the MOWA token will soon be delisted on MEXC. Owners kindly withdraw MOWA to your Bep-20 wallet before 12 September 2022, 15:59 (UTC).

MOWA is currently being traded on many other exchanges such as Pancakeswap, Poocoin, Apeswap, Babyswap, Mdex, Biswap. In addition, you can transact directly on Moniwar's Dapp at:Β 

Moniwar currently is on good terms with MEXC and is ready to connect with other CEX exchanges. If you are the exchange's listing partner manager, please contact us via email to discuss and bring new value to both communities.

Moniwar team.

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