Metaspets- petcare explore and earn
During the pandemic lockdowns, MetaSpets understand the feeling of isolation and its tremendously detrimental impacts on a person’s mental health. MetaSpets is inspired by the world’s recovery from such depression. Their pets’ stories will facilitate genuine emotional connections with people, helping them understand the values of friendship, effort, and other meaningful lessons.
We are pleased to announce that the MetaSpets project has officially become an important strategic partner of #Moniwar. We will build a stronger community that loves to explore, plays quality games, and share priceless moments in this cooperation. Let's look forward to it!

Overview About MetaSpets 

MetaSpets is an attack strategy game that takes place in turns (a turn-based strategy game). You'll travel through the fantasy world with sentient pets and take part in exciting adventures. This project will focus on all things as follow:

  • Real differences
  • Clear business plan
  • Wise balance & operations
  • The true definition of gamefi: MetaSpets 
  • Ready for gamefi phase 2 
  • Next-Gen Tokenomics - Roadmap
  • Experienced partners

Vision Of MetaSpets 

The demand to own, trade, or even make money from in-game items has existed for a long time within traditional gaming environments. The creation of blockchain technology has answered that need and taken it to new heights, creating the trend of play-and-earn. They created MetaSpets to become a leading product in this burgeoning and explosively lucrative new market.

metaspetMetaSpets featuring


Total Supply: 500,000,000 tokens

Tokenomics overview

Private Price: $0.025

IDO Price: $0.045

Name: MetaSpets Symbol: MSP Network: BSC


April 2022: Alpha Test

End of April 2022: IDO.

Early May 2022: Testnet.

May 2022: Official Launch

roadmap of metaspetsRoadmap of MetaSpets

Metaspets' Core team

Founder: Tom Bui

Tom has a BA in Game Design from the University Institute of the Arts in San Francisco and has worked in the United States for the past seven years. He began his career as a technical artist for Disney's Brave comics, then as a Technical Art Lead for mobile games at Press Star Group, then as a Project Manager for Amanotes partners' games, among other things.

Project Manager: Logan Le

Logan has over six years working with Tom on many game projects. As a game developer, Logan has excellent experiences from personal projects to big names, like Gianty, NHN. Logan demands the games he creates to be of the highest quality in terms of graphics, story, and, of course, gameplay with a a great emphasis on UX. His philosophy is simple: People have to love and feel satisfied with his games.

Chief Marketing Officer: Chanie Lam

After graduating from a prestigious university, Chanie joined a few agencies that offered her to work with a great variety of clients in different fields. She also landed a full-time job at Wacom, and then Wise Balance. Aside from Years of experience with previous works, what is admirable about her is that Chanie has been often the first to come to the office and the last to leave.

Blockchain Solution: Thinh Tran

Thinh is in charge of Blockchain Solution, with a strong experience of software development for large-scale systems for over six years, and currently he is  also a Technical Lead at Esol. Thinh is well versed in dealing with blockchain’s technical problems, thanks to his exposure to previous complex projects. Now, Thinh is ready to support MetaSpets with his full potential.

Picture of 4 core members 

MetaSPets Advisors

Victor Nguyen

Victor has over six years of experience in the cryptocurrency business. He has been working with gamefi developers and advising them on tokenomics and other important strategies. Victor's greatest strength is that he always prioritizes the needs of users.

Kirubakaran Subbareddy

Kirubakaran is specialized in sales, digital marketing & business development strategies, blockchain Advisor, blockchain tech consulting, training and coaching. He also helps connecting the project with credible international partners.

J Scofield

Scofield is the CEO of BSC Station, offering many successful launches for great gamefi projects. He is also MetaSpets' strategy advisor. With his vast knowledge and experience in the gamefi business, Scofield aims to bring another credible gamefi to the communities.

Advisor of MetaSpets


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