Partnership Announcement: Moniwar x Rada

We proudly introduce Rada as our next partner. After discussion from both sides, we commit to building success for Moniwar and making Moniwar better than ever. As a partner, Rada also agrees to expand the reputation of Moniwar to the community through a concise marketing plan.

About Rada

RADA is a Blockchain investment community that operates in the spirit of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization — Decentralized Transport Organization) with the participation of leading experts in the global technology field as well as Blockchain investors.

RADA’s mission is to promote the DAO investment community by exchanging experiences, knowledge, advice, and connecting resources, with the further vision to build the largest Blockchain millionaire community in Vietnam (Vietnam Millionaires Blockchain Club) and then the largest in the world.

Moniwar IDO

Moniwar is now opening for registering public whitelist registration and preparing for the IDO stage in October on LaunchZone, BSC Station, and JLaunchPad.

Besides, there will be AMAs with many big communities in the crypto space for marketing our project, such as BSC Army, HUB, PVU, Decom Holding,…. Many events are also prepared for the NFT community, like giveaways, airdrops, minigames, and bounty programs. So stay stunned and look for more detailed information on various Moniwar’s social media listed below:

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