🤝 Moniwar is pleased to introduce our newest strategic partner: GockeFi

⏩ GockeFi is a Metaverse money and wealth management app. No more manual earnings calculations, get rid of Excel spreadsheets and easily track your Moniwar #PlayToEarn NFTs & investments, daily $MOWA earnings, live conversion to $USD let's track your profits on dApp:

>> https://gockefi.io/dapp/moniwar

👉 Check them on:
Telegram: https://t.me/gockefigroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GockeFiApp

About GockeFi

Name: GockeFi
Goal: Help metaverse users better track their investments and become profitable.
Details: They're building the next disruptive app to help you manage your metaverse investments by making it easy to track your investments, earnings, NFTs, lands and help you become profitable
Before this Hackathon they just started this crowdfund for their App on Mirror DAO because they’re highly motivated Team and they believe on this project.
Above all, with this cooperation we look forward to expanding the community of both projects and creating the most optimal benefits for all users 🤝
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