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Gem Uni

Currently there are many NFT games being released every day, but they cannot attract attention from investors. Because the current P2E game market is too much.

Therefore, the paramount importance right now is a platform that can provide NFT Games. So that investors with a small amount of capital can freely choose and play their favorite games without paying need to choose between NFT games.

That is the "guideline" that GemUni wants to aim for.

What About GemUni?

GemUni project is building a Decentralized Casual Game Universe for everyone around the world to participate in Play to Earn games with casual and fun motifs.

Players can enjoy addictive Casual games with short playtime and high fun. Additionally, monetize their experience with game platform rewards and GENI Pass NFTs deals.

NFT Marketplace Of GemUni 

  • GemUni's NFT Marketplace connects all players in the platform to buy and sell GENI Pass and In-Game Items, using GENI and other cryptocurrencies.
  • NFT Items: The GENI Pass and in-game items are listed for sale on the NFT Marketplace.
  • NFTs Explorer: Players can explore, browse, and search NFTs by game category, seasonal collection, and more. in the GemUni platform to trade the things they love.
  • NFTs Creator: GemUni mints NFT in-game items using tools, providing players with diverse options for buying and selling in the marketplace.

NFT Marketplace of GemUNI


Road map



Token Specifications

Token Specifications

Token Allocation

Token Allocation

 Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule

Core Team Of GemUni 

Core Team

Partners and Investors






GemUni includes two ecosystems: GENI and GENIX:

  • In the GENI ecosystem: players can earn more with a variety of DeFi mechanics, as well as trade NFT items on GemUni's NFT Marketplace. The GENI token is the main cryptocurrency of the project, allowing players to purchase a GENI Pass to access the game network and purchase other NFT assets.
  • In the GENIX ecosystem: players can enjoy diverse addictive casual games with short playtime and high fun, and monetize their experience with game platform rewards. The GENIX token is an in-game cryptocurrency that allows players to buy game tickets and earn rewards.



We are pleased to announce that the GemUni has officially become an important strategic partner of #Moniwar. In this cooperation, #Moniwar promises to have more new successes, ready to conquer important milestones in the future.

Let's look forward to it!

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