[partnership] moniwar x love my pets

Moniwar is pleased to introduce to everyone our newest strategic partner: Love My Pets. We will launch a special Airdrop campaign.

Welcome to Love My Pets Airdrop

  • Total to earn per participant: 2 fragment of NFT (4 fragment equal 1 NFT) worth 17.5$ for random 1950 participants
  • Referrals: 1 LMP pets NFT for top 50 referrers each worth $35.

βœ… Love My Pets Airdrop Link: http://t.me/LMPAirdropBot

🌐Website: https://lovemypets.io/

🏀Airdrop end date: 7th June 2022

πŸ“… Distribution date: 17th June 2022Β 


About Love My Pets

What Is LMP?

LMP is an Pet game with a PvE, PvP mechanic for everyone. The project aims to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi. The game is designed with a suitable mechanism for players to be entertained, and DeFi will bring income and sustainable ways to make money for users.


roadmap-love my pets

LMP Token

LMP Token is the currency for operating the Incentive Mechanism

  • Name: LoveMyPets
  • Symbol: LMP
  • Network: BSC
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 LMP

Project Information

LMP is inspired by the famous and widely loved game around the world: Battle of Pets, combined with the stories of ancient Greek myths and with the leading NFT and DeFi technologies in the blockchain, by introducing a large number of ACGN Well-known IP, and designers in the field.

Making full use of the β€œinteroperability” advantage of blockchain technology, allowing toy figures in the real world to interact with NFT’s in the virtual world in the LMP entertainment metaverse, breaking the dimensional barriers.

πŸ€—Finally, we will build a world-class pan-entertainment platform based on blockchain technology.

In this cooperation, we wish to join hands to expand the community of both projects and create optimal benefits for all users.

πŸ‘‰More details about Love My Pets: Β https://docs.lovemypets.io/

▢️ For new players, pls check our White Paper: https://bit.ly/31RR7mj
▢️ Buy Pet here to start your journey: https://dapp.moniwar.io/nft/market