Thailand Comic Con

🀩 Starting from today October 28th, Moniwar is honored to participate in a super blockchain event Festiverse in association with Thailand Comic Con in Bangkok - Thailand with the participation of more than 150,000 people from around the world, many international projects (B2B) & many exciting activities.

This is also considered a "golden opportunity" for Moniwar to access further the Thai market in particular and the world in general.

    • Venue: SIAM Paragon Hall - Thailand's leading commercial center
    • Time: 28 - 30 October 2022


πŸ‘‰ About Thailand Comic Con 2022:

The 3-day event will gather comic-related companies selling toys, figurines, collectibles, books, and more in downtown Bangkok. Cosplays, competitions and other entertainment programs have also been scheduled throughout the event – with an estimated 150,000 people in attendance.

You can get exclusive deals on comic books, collectibles and other exciting products from their exhibitors! Come dressed up as your favourite comic book or anime character and visit one of their professional artists to create a life-size version of yourself! Welcoming super fans of all ages to enjoy & celebrate our very 1st post-covid event!


πŸ‘‰ About FestiVerse:

This is Asia’s very first blockchain festival spotlighting collaborations, artists, and fan communities. With growing interest in NFT Art, P2E games and blockchain technology, Festiverse is dedicated to creating interactive, immersive & exciting experiences for the community.


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