FARM ME: The first metaverse farming play-to-earn game on Near Protocol you can not miss

Farm Me game Metaverse is a multiplayer-building game that runs on the Near Protocol Blockchain platform. Farm Me Metaverse was created as a farming game with fight-for-survival elements to help you experience the appealing fantasy Metaverse.


Farm Me is an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) on NFT that has opened Testnet on Aurora. With the G-INFA (game infrastructure) technology platform, diverse gameplay activities, and a friendly game graphics system, using soft curves and bright colors, Farm Me has a wide range of age groups who can approach the game.Farm Me Metaverse on Near Protocol Blockchain platform Farm Me Metaverse on Near Protocol Blockchain platform Fame Me simulates a universe in the clouds with many magical lands that create a world of Play, Connect, Experience, and Earn with unlimited aspects of life based on AR/VR technology. With impressive 3D graphics, attractive plot, and different gameplay, Farm Me is not only a marketplace to earn but also a great game worth experiencing with the most hard-core gamers and promises to satisfy even the most demanding Gamers.  


Inspired by famous traditional farm games such as Harvest Moon, Hayday... and the story "Alice in Wonderland", when she accidentally got lost in the woods and fell into a rabbit hole,  the autobiography of a boy named Christopher McCandless in "Into the Wild - John Krakauer" - an autobiography of a brave young man who gave up modern life and embark on the greatest adventure of his life: a journey back to the roots of primordial nature full of freedom and dangers. This young man gave up his name and chose for himself a name at the beginning of his journey – Alex. Farm Me has deviated from the traditional farming games with farm simulation gameplay that blends role-playing, survival combat and opens up a lively and exciting Metaverse. "<yoastmark

Farm Me game Metaverse game featuring

In Farm Me, players will be role-playing and immersed in the green space, relaxing sound melodies when incarnating into meaningful and extremely enjoyable activities: farming, breeding, hunting, fighting to protect the farm, pairing make the game interesting.  


Becoming a true citizen with imaginative characters:

Choose 1 of 6 character classes such as Farmer, Agent, Police, Soldier, Special Force, Super Hero.
  • Farm & breed on the land that you already own
  • Fish & mine to increase income
  • Cook from your farm produce to create dishes that increase Hero’s stats
  • Complete daily tasks to get rewards

Adventures without ends :

  • Meet & connect with new friends
  • Own mythical pets by playing the role of a hunter at a hunting island.
  • Kill bosses for rewards and hunt for rare items with Friend Power

Show off personal color palette:

  • Customize the character: The Fashion feature of the game makes your Hero not only unique, but also increases the original stats.
  • Architecture: creatively build and own your own house, architectural works in your style.
  • Crafting: unleash your imagination with hundreds of recipes to design useful and beautiful items.

In Farm Me, you are not alone:

  • The bustling town is a place to exchange, meet other gamers, chat, trade and give gifts.
  • Players can date and match in the game to create the next generation of Heroes.
  • Decentralized forum where users can discuss game activities, find out upcoming voting schedules in Decentralized Organizations, find new friends, etc.

Community events create practical community value:

  • Create practical value by participating in Game Farm Me's dedicated crowdfunding activity.
  • Give interesting or rare items to friends and relatives.
  • Job platform to increase income: Those who have excess money but lack time can post job ads to support people; People with little money can go to work to get richer.

Farm Me game Metaverse game activity


Farm Me game Metaverse game activities

To start participating in the world of Farm Me, what do players need?
  • Each person needs to buy at least one Hero and one Land from the Market to start the basic operations that form the basis for new farm building activities. Each Hero will have 0-2 passive skills that support the gameplay. In addition, players will also be given a basic chest that includes farming tools: Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Ax, Wooden Pickaxe, Wood Watering Can, Wooden Sickle, and a pack of 10 potato seeds to start farming.
  • After a certain period of time, players can upgrade the amount of Land they can buy to support farming activities to suit their needs. During this upgrade, players will also have the opportunity to receive more Hero and Rare Hero to save costs for other activities.
  • The maximum number of blocks that Farm Me allows players to open is 8,000 blocks, depending on the development of the game and the needs of the players, the metaverse world of Farm Me will continue to expand further.
  • Farm Me's map has Farm, Town, Forest, Mine, Beach areas corresponding to diverse and interesting activities for players to explore.
Some typical game activities in Farm Me:


There are up to 6 different types of livestock and poultry (pig, cow, chicken, goat, geese, sheep) to diversify agricultural products, create more profits as well as contribute to creating a production plan suitable to the demand of the farm. The finished product of the breeding process will be directly sold on the Market for other players to buy or store to make other products of higher value, including the $ME value on the Market or the price use-value. The difference of Farm Me is that players do not need to constantly buy more pets on the Market, but pets of the same type available can breed to produce mutant offspring with better genes, bringing higher economic value, players can save a lot of money during farm expansion.


Farm Me's Cultivation process follows the direction of a traditional farm game when they have these steps: Sowing seeds, watering, fertilizing, harvesting vegetables and fruits to sell to NPCs to increase income. There are many types of crops for players to choose from, in addition in the metaverse world of Farm Me, factors such as weather, day and night, alternating seasons will also affect the time to mature and develop the tree. Harvesting will yield agricultural products corresponding to the type of crop, in addition, the players can also get rare item fragments (usually appearing in battle mode) from mutant crops. And if the season is over and the player still does not harvest, it is likely that the agricultural product will be destroyed, requiring the player to time it to participate in the game if he does not want the results to be lost.


The Metaverse world of Farm Me is extremely large, containing countless mysteries, where players can search for legendary creatures to receive precious items. In addition, if they’re lucky, players can also tame these creatures to become their Pets, taking these super Pets to battle will help increase the player's strengths in battle mode. Pets in the game are not limited in number, each has different abilities and is stronger after each upgrade or additional equipment, so players can choose to suit their upcoming battle.


Fishing locations are fixed in the game, usually, there are many types of fish available in the game but only appear during a certain time of day. In addition to fishing for items, Farm Me game Metaverse will create a collection event according to weekly or monthly events to see who has the most seafood.


The exploited resources such as wood, minerals,... will be brought to the Crafting Center to create items for the process of upgrading and creating weapons. Each type of item is made when there are enough ingredients and recipe paper obtained in-game missions/activities.


All agricultural products from the process of harvesting as well as livestock, fishing, ... to create dishes. Dishes are created with special recipes, available at Farm Me. To cook more dishes and larger quantities, players can upgrade the kitchen and buy more kitchen items. The created dishes can be used by the Hero to increase his strength or sold on the Market

Job platform

This is the place where those who want to find employees in the game for investors. There are 2 main activities in the game: rent and hire, all will be discussed and signed between 3 parties to ensure the benefits for players.
  • For investors: invest and employ. You can directly list the jobs and make a profit
  • For game players: apply for jobs from the investors to make side income
This feature aims to solve problems that other GameFi(s) are facing which helps Farm Me game Metaverse gain traction and attract more players from other traditional games.


Farm Me has been audited by Verichains and debuts its Alpha play-to-earn game on December 12, 2021. The first version will be released with farming scopes - walking around to explore in the world game, buying seeds at NPC then growing them on your land, waiting and harvesting them on time to sell for NPC to collect me token to compete with other players on ranking  in this alpha versionTokenomics-farm-me

Tokenomics Farm Me Metaverse on Near Protocol Blockchain platform

To ensure the sustainability and expansion of the ecosystem, Farm Me has 2 types of tokens:
  • Token (FAME): Token is the fundamental factor in the game platform and it is the currency of the game used for transactions.
  • Token (ME): Secondary token, used in the game's ecosystem, endlessly earned through player interaction.



  • Project Start
  • Build Core Team
  • Build Core Game
  • Concept & Idea - Development


  • Design & Prototype
  • Development
  • Official Launch


  • Wesite Launch
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Private Sales
  • Marketing strategy


  • Airdrop
  • Alpha Test
  • Beta Test V1


  • Beta Test Ver 2, 3
  • Community Events


  • Airdrop
  • IDO
  • Listing
  • NFT box
  • Game release V1


  • Game release V2
  • New features


  • Improve cross-chain NFT interoperability
  • Game services
  • Blockchain Game


  • AR/VR Experience
The trend of NFT games is gradually taking over the market, especially when there is the appearance of Farm Me, a genre of NFT game that combines farming and fighting for survival, helping to bring players exciting experiences about the game a Fantasy Metaverse.

Moniwar is pleased to announce our newest partner: Farm Me game Metaverse

With this cooperation, we will build a global entertainment platform based on blockchain technology, conquer the GameFi era together as well as support each other in developing direction and taking care of the community.