Moniwar – Media partner of ETH VIETNAM 2022

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πŸ₯³ Moniwar is pleased to be a media partner of ETH Vietnam 2022! This is the biggest conference ever that brings all top experts in the industry to provide more value to the community, drawing hundreds of participants in the blockchain industry from all over the world.

Moniwar’s target is to develop multi-chain. The collaboration with Polygon Studios and now ETH Vietnam, are expected to help Moniwar's player & ecosystem become diversified and have significant growth steps.



ETH VIETNAM 2022 is the first blockchain conference in Vietnam with the organizers of global large-scale iconic blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their mission is to provide the latest insights and developments from the most innovative and talented minds to the community. ETH VIETNAM 2022 focuses 100% on the builders and technology and 0% on hype and speculation.

5 Activities:

    • The main hall β€” panel discussion, talk show, workshop, live stream presentation, and buffet fundraising dinner
    • The install hall β€” exhibition and installations for Web 3 including; infrastructure, defi, metaverse, NFTs, and more
    • The build hall β€” hackathon event online + offline with many global teams. Especially, attendants can join pre-event workshops about Blockchain & Layer2
    • The chill hall β€” a β€˜relaxing’ zone for an open bar, F&B booths, networking talk, free childcare, live music & DJ
    • The sprawl hall β€” a special zone for retreat activities like core training & yoga session

5 Topics:

    • NFTs + Metaverse
    • Defi + Fintech
    • Web3 + DAOs
    • Infrastructure Blockchain
    • Blockchain Technology

Global speakers:

    • Barry Whitehat β€” Applied ZKP Researcher & Ethereum Foundation
    • Rob Stupay β€” Ethereum Foundation & Ethereum Remix
    • Jerry Ho β€” Researcher at Scroll
    • Arpit Sharma β€” Strategy & Transformation at Polygon
    • Minh Doan β€” Co-founder of MassBit, Co-founder of Codelight, ex-Co-founder of Harmony ONE, ex-Googler
    • Brian LU β€” IVC & YGG SEA Co-founder
    • Brutoshi β€” AstroX Network Co-founder
    • Alexi Anania β€” Co-founder of Lateral Decentralised Ventures (LDV), Expert of European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum
    • BreeAnne Yek β€” CEO & Co-founder at Carb0n-Fi
    • And 20+ more!

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