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Animverse is an anime-themed game that allows players to transform into interesting and incredibly realistic anime characters. With this cooperation, Moniwar will build a global entertainment platform based on blockchain technology, conquer the GameFi era together as well as support each other in developing direction and taking care of the community.

About Animverse

Animverse is an NFTs Game inspired by the Anime universe, which contains endless creative emotions for players, communities and developers.

In this genre of action and adventure, players directly participate in the battle and show their skills while exploring the system of movement.

The special NFTs system help players create their own diverse sets of characters both in shape and strength, increasing their ability to effectively fight.


To create an limitless universe, where players can expand their creativity while bringing income to gamers.


Provide potential land for those who are eager to explore opportunities to increase income in new economic areas.

In the short and medium term, Animverse focuses on developing a large community of players, bringing practical income to players and investors while providing creative fun experiences in the colorful, challenging anime world.

Animverse's Tokenomics

  • Token name: Animverse Token
  • Ticker: ANM
  • Token type: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total supply: ANM
animverse tokenomics

Road Map

animverse roadmap

Team Animverse

  • Mr. Hieu – CTO with 6 years in blockchain and has built 3 blockchain exchanges(Bitpoint market in Miyatsu jsc). The first generation of blockchain R&D since 2016
  • Mr. Nam – CMO: with experience in operating and appealing for funds for a company of 0 – hundreds of employees, including Adsplus, Ecomobi and most recently CNV Loyalty.
  • Mr. Tung – the CPO: the most experienced in our team regarding the game field. He has been in gaming development for over 10 years and has advised 2 NFTs game projects. Moreover, he has joined the first online mobile game developer in Vietnam since 2012 (technical leader at Tofu studio game, co-founder at Rainbow studio for publishing mobile game and CEO at Miracle studio)
  • Last but not least, Mr. Huy – CEO Huy Pham: he has founded a variety of companies including Hitex Global and Teracom which employ hundreds of people.

Advisors Animverse


Backers & Investors

 backers investors

Game mechanics to earn money based on the power of Tokenomics

Effective DeFi Tool

  • Demand & Supply Stimulus is tightened simultaneously with DeFi service matching incentive mechanism.
  • PvE rewards
  • PvP rewards
  • Staking rewards
  • Farming rewards
  • Mini game rewards

Play-to-earn mechanism combines anti-inflation solutions

  • Fight inflation by ranking, players who want to participate in the event need to be at the top, then receive tokens. On the other hand, players who achieve achievement rewards will also receive tokens, but each player will only receive a limited amount during their hero's lifetime.
  • Tokens will be used for Farm, Mint equipment box, equipment upgrade, staking, auction.

Management tools of Animverse

  • Mechanic Burn NFT in game
  • ANM tokens will be burned by taxes in Market Place and many other activities in the game


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