recap ama moni x celolaunch

🍀The AMA MONIWAR x CeloLaunch Official Community was a huge success, and we are happy to share the news.

👉This Community held the AMA - CeloLaunch provides a constantly expanding set of decentralized services by offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry as a whole, in CELO Network specifically. 

🎉 At this AMA MONIWAR, Mr.Bruce Huang directly greeted the community and presented thorough information on #Moniwar, as well as some significant items and future plans.

Basic information

Time: May 7nd, 2022 at 3AM UTC

Project name: MONIWAR

Host: Lita from CeloLaunch Official Community

Guest speakers: Mr.Bruce Huang| Representative from Moniwar

Table of contents

Part 1: Overview About AMA MONIWAR X CELOLAUNCH 

  • Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Hi everyone, I'm Bruce, COO and head of Partnership from Moniwar. I've been with the project since Oct, 2021. Before that I got nearly a year starting working in Crypto industry I guess. I had the fortune to follow the project closely and has a decent understanding of it, therefore I hope that the knowledge about the game that I share in this AMA will be useful to you

  • Could you please explain what Moniwar is?

Surely! Moniwar is inspired by the famous and widely loved game around the world: Battle of Legend & Candy Crush Saga (gem matching style) that fits for everyone to play, combined with the stories of ancient Greek myths and with the leading NFT and DeFi technologies in the blockchain.

But it is so much more, it is also the combination of GamePad + NFT Yield Farming + GameFi Play to earn. With novel pet collecting and upgrading mechanisms, Moniwar makes your diamond-matching battles more exciting than ever!

When it comes to product development, we prioritize two essential values: simplicity and community. Moniwar's connection element - a thread connecting players or players and the community – is a lightheartedly fun game.

  •  Can you share with us about your token utility?

Oh, there are many of them (utilities):

Players use MOWA to purchase pets, then play the game to earn various rewards: NFTs, gems, materials that can be exchanged into MOWA tokens. 

+ Daily trading volume: MOWA transactions can be done through PancakeSwap, PooCoin, APEswap, and MEXC. Everyone can easily track our project’s token status via Coinmarketcap interface: https://coinmarketcap.com/vi/currencies/moniwar/

+ Marketplace: MOWA is used by gamers to buy and trade NFTs with other players as well as to pay Marketplace trading fees.

+ Others: MOWA is used to pay fees, claim airdrop NFT, upgrade gems, farming/mining/staking, and rest for sure - we’re going to optimize token utilities through many new features and cross-project collaborations in the future.

  • What are your achievements so far? Are there any interesting events coming up? And also share with us your roadmap?

Moniwar has a long list of remarkable achievements for a game that has only been released for roughly 6 months:

  • TOP games on BSC by Users under 24 hours of release
  • TOP 7 Second Batch of MVB IV Incubation Program 2022 by BNB Chain 
  • The second play winner on GAMEFI track in TRON GRAND HACKATHON 2022 SEASON 1
  •  Won the 3RD prize on Game-2-Blockchain Hackathon
  •  Integrating multichain with Joining Avalanche Hackathon, Tron Hackathon, BNB Grant Hackathon,.... 
  • Gaming coins by price performance (30D) ranked at 20 
  • Players Favorites #BSC GameFi Projects
  • TOP Gamefi & NFT Project on BSC Station, LaunchZone & Gaming Projects by ATH ROI with x50
  • More than 60 Partnership & Investors
  • Game Released on Website & Android & Windows. Coming soon on macOS & iOS
  • 10k holders
  • 315k members on 3 Group Chat Telegram, 53k members on Discord with 9 community markets
  • Twitter with 175k, Facebook with 83k , Tiktok 30k, Youtube with 28k followers

About events: We're currently running Events for our AMAs, airdrops, quiz,... with these events, we can bring game closer to the community by airdrop pets (by the way, these airdrop pets won't do any harm to paid users).

About the roadmap, we are sticking to our plan that has been published till now. You guys can check it on: https://docs.moniwar.io/roadmap

  • What are the most competitive advantages that help Moniwar stand out?

This is an interesting question. To be honest, there are literally thousands of projects out there on daily basis, but we have never steer our focus specifically toward any certain GameFi - we don’t consider anyone in this industry to be our rival, but more like healthy competitors - and therefore, we learn from them, and grow independently

Key differences

- The simplest Play-to-earn GameFi Project on blockchain

- Team core team experience and enthusiasm. 

- Products are carefully selected based on tracking data, and at the moment there is no similar product on the market.

- Built with an easy-to-play, simple-to-invest mindset.

- Hundreds of pets that are divided into 5 elements, each with its own speciality.

- The plot is about the protagonist's revenge journey. Every character has their own story. Impressive plot, capable of development.

- Multiple game modes including Trial, Adventure, PVP, PVE,...

- Earn tokens from weekly PVP tournaments and many other short-term events.

- A marketplace exclusively for players to trade their NFTs & earn.

- Intelligent NFT burning mechanism and anti-inflation. Only 1 token needed.

- Yield Farming allowed, just stake them in & wait for things done.

Part 2: CeloLaunch Official Community Q&A Part

Telegram Users:

  • Do you have a testnet or Beta Version of Moniwar Game that can be used as a practice tool for new users?

I'm glad you asked, the answer is YES - we've launched our "try now" version that integrated directly right on the main version, simply access to https://playtoearn.moniwar.io/, and click "Try Now" to experience the game - it's totally free, no money required!!

  • Is the 1% fee taken for special purposes like token burning or any other mechanism?

We never take any portion from 1% from transactions for ourselves, no - we collected for these critical purpose:

- Game development reinvestment - 10%

- 80% of them go straight to play-to-earn pool to create snowball effects - the more people play, earn and trade - the bigger the pool becomes and so does it's APR! As a result, we have a stabilized and self-operating incentivized economy in and out of the game!

- The last 10%, we will use for marketing campaigns to achieve even more players!

  • One of the features of Moniwar is a "MONIWAR GamePad" for game incubation and distribution. Can you explain how you screen the games for good content and quality to promote and incubate? Also, what are the benefits of getting  incubated by MONIWAR GamePad?

This is huge man, thanks for asking: The GamePad is indeed a launchpad for startup, new team and new projects that got great potential of becoming the next industry's rising star, since we've been here quite a long time, been through so many ups and downs, successes and much more failures.

So we want to make sure other people don't fall into the same mistakes that we've made and save them tons of precious time, effort and money to strike for the absolute best projects for the communities. Criterias to be evaluate such as:

- The product itself - new, audacity, viable, scaleable, spot-on with market's demand or will be able to create a whole new trends - takes "move to earn" for an example

- The core team - are they real? What did they do in the past for experiences? Previous projects they've made or contributed? Their visions? And most importantly - their personalities.

- The backers, leading investors

  • Earning in the game is important, but with me that having fun while earning is also important. To what extent does your focus on the entertaining aspects of the game? What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?

Each and every game should be fun-to-play, first and foremost, and #Moniwar $MOWA is no different! These are some key differentiators that we've summarized out of all the feedbacks from community, VC, partner:

Key differences

- The simplest Play-to-earn GameFi Project on blockchain

- Team core team experience and enthusiasm. 

- It's based on tracking data, products are carefully chosen, and there is currently no comparable product on the market.

- Built with an easy-to-play, simple-to-invest mindset.

- Hundreds of pets that are divided into 5 elements, each with its own speciality.

- The plot is about the protagonist's revenge journey. Every character has their own story. Impressive plot, capable of development.

- Multiple game modes including Trial, Adventure, PVP, PVE,...

- Earn tokens from weekly PVP tournaments and many other short-term events.

- A marketplace exclusively for players to trade their NFTs & earn.

- Intelligent NFT burning mechanism and anti-inflation. Only 1 token needed.

- Yield Farming allowed, just stake them in & wait for things done.

Kindly visit these for more details:

- moniwar.io

- dapp.moniwar.io

- docs.moniwar.io

- playtoearn.moniwar.io

  • Moniwar the project seems pretty cool so far. Could you pls tell us more about gameplay and how much initial investment is required for the game players? Are there any  transaction tax applied to each transaction, whether they buy or sell it. If yes, how are they used?

Well, it's 10 dollars! And you'll be able to recover your initial investment fully just in 13-20 days of playing (the range depends on your activeness to play and how good you are at defeating your opponents, meaning the better you play - the faster you will earn money). And from there, it will be pure profit for you!

The gameplay is so simple: match diamond to create effect each turn - ideally you should always seek for attack gem, use supporting cards for sudden buff - in many cases we've witness the whole match get turned around 180 degrees in results by this strategic move!!!

And in the future: there will be Dungeon, Lands, PvE (actually we've just launched this 2 days ago, check it out on https://t.me/MoniwarAnnouncements), Licenses and DAO system

Only 1% tax from transaction is collect for project development and earning pool returns as I shared earlier above.

Last but not least, you can buy $MOWA here:

Official Contract: 0x411ec510c85c9e56271bf4e10364ffa909e685d9 (BEP20)

- PooCoin: https://bit.ly/MOWA-PooCoin 

- Pancakeswap (chose MOWA at swap to): https://pancakeswap.finance/swap 

- DEXTools: https://bit.ly/MOWA-DEXTools

- Apeswap (chose MOWA at swap to): https://app.apeswap.finance/swap

- M-EXC: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/MOWA_USDT 

- BKex: https://www.bkex.com/trade/MOWA_USDT

- ONUS: https://goonus.io/markets/mowa/

And finally, you can choose swap functions in your own wallet, adjust the slippage % to 1.1 and buy MOWA easily

For the list of wallets we support: metamask, trust, BitKeep (yay!), Binance Chain, Coin98, Safepal, Connect Wallet and many more.

Part 3: Twitter Questions

  • Does #Moniwar has an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of $MOWA tokens in order to enjoy & play the Moniwar?

For sure you will have to own an NFT pet to play, to earn and that's it!!! A pet for your whole journey in #Moniwar world.

Also, you can test our game for free. Here is our link: playtoearn.moniwar.io (click Try Now)! If you decide to invest, initial capital is only 10$)

In addition, we are doing a series of airdrops to offer nft pets to experience the game with our partners bnb Chain and Binance. Please visit our telegram channel for latest updates and news from any of these sources:

Website |Telegram Channel VN

Telegram Group VN | Medium 

Substack | Facebook |Twitter | Discord

  • What makes your project more sustainable?

- We are always trying to connect with many other network to make your experience more and more suitable. 

- We will develop our security for users so you won't ever have to worry about risk.

- Build a game that players can Play for Play with Free to play, replacing traditional games like Candy Crush Saga, but also Play to Earn from our weekly rewards system. Balance between traditional and crypto players to ensure the project's long-term viability 

- Resolve network processing issues, reduce gas fees, link the wallet on the app, and perform other side operations to ensure that all users have the best possible access to the project: It is significant because it has an impact on the game's benefits and experience

  • Crypto currency is so popular in Southeast Asia market, some countries like Viet Nam, Philippines and Indonesia,... Does #moniwar_game have any plan to approach these countries which are so potential in crypto?

Yes actually we have! At the moment, you can see we have already made some communities for various nations on Discord and Telegram, you can connect with your country to have clear information.

Beside that, #Moniwar has a Go-To-Marketing planned each month, including:

- Connect new partners and solidify old ones to support project development

- Book PR campaigns in global market  

- KOLs review on global multi-platform 

- Cooperate with large and small Game Guilds to increase the number of users in the game

- Do performance marketing on social media: google ads & facebook ads

- Regular AMA for global and local country with new partners

- Cooperation and listing on CEX exchanges

- We follow strictly the product roadmap and launch more in-game features and game modes to diversify and increase the game's experience

- Continuously participate in major events and contests to help the project grow and earn more

- Combine with NFT Marketplace to be able to Create and sell NFT from Moniwar

  • What kind of activities did you plan in order to introduce moniwar_game to a wider audiences in the gaming world? Do you have ideas for gaming tournaments or attending big gaming fairs like E3?

We focus on hitting the traditional game segment, our C Levels have great connections and huge networks, and we started reaching out now - the perfect timing since everything is ready. You'll see very soon a whole new flow of users and holders coming in 3-6 months in my calculation.

Because we have real products and have launched on website, android, windows and coming soon macOS and iOS as well as a clear earning mechanism, we are always confident in our product even though the market is up or down.

One more thing: Game tournaments and game events are under launching, we will promote them at all times when released, they're in our long-term plan as well. Currently, there are also business units that want to invite us to join, please follow the social networks of Moniwar to update the latest information.

  • Nearly 80% of investors only focus on the token price in the short term instead of learning the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your tokens long term? 

True, up until now and I bet for any given moment in crypto, there will always be a huge amount of people aiming only for short term profits when they join projects. 

So, what do we do?

- This is a special treat for our holders of Moniwar: in the near future they will be entitled to private allocation participation from other projects we invested in, and you can earn a gigantic amount of money, because all of the projects we invested in are 5x, 10x or more now. Pay close attention to our news and make sure you hold MOWA tokens

- The more tokens $MOWA holders have, the greater the chance they have of receiving NFT airdrops from MONIWAR partners and maybe create NFT by themselves

- Join DAO system, where we grant holders governance rights - basically they will become the new force that collaborates with us for better project development.

- Licensing: we invite more people who have great ideas and are willing to put them into realistic work, and incentivize them huge while they remain sole owners of those intellectual properties!


Finally, thank you to everyone who participated and the organizers for an interesting and useful information sharing session. MONIWAR x CeloLaunch Official Community hopes to have more events and gatherings to connect with the community more.

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